(Destiny program lead Mitsuki to study of theory of Sarkar)

This corner is what struggle is needed to change world.
Idea of Mitsuki is based on theory of Sarkar which was downed god salamnidam.
God salamnidam of star earth knew project of Heaven and gods by future reading.
Theory of Sarkar was downed for project of Heaven and gods.
Destiny program lead Mitsuki to study of theory of Sarkar


1Struggle of human being should be aimed this change

2struggle should be based on love sprit
普遍的愛のための闘争  獄中27年のマンデラと獄中7年のサーカー

3When human beings go on this way, eternal peace planet is realized

4Mitsuki found that famous scientist argues same vision of horon structure society
ラズロ教授の未来ビジョンの「入れ子構造」と「ホラーキー構造」 民主主義経済、分散経済

5Now humankind face to huge last revolution in earth history.

6honest people should unite even if difference of opinion.

America in the 20th Century The Civil Rights Movement (video inspired by god of star)

H.P. of socialist earth government (社会主義地球政府のH.P.)

appeal of gods of star

all H.P. of project of Heaven and gods